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Why storage is a great solution?


We offer a safe, practical and easy way to store your rarely used items. We provide storage solution from 1m2 to 600m2 in Kingsgrove Storage. It’s a brand new storage space who offer highest level of security and cleanliness in warehouse.

By keeping your items in our offered storage, you will be assured that your items are placed safely and you will always have 24 hour access to them and you will be able to store them as much as you need. You will receive your personal lock with 2 keys, so it means, that you will be only one who can have the access to your storage space. Let yourself enjoy the spacious home and don't worry about the storage space - after all.

We bring our boxes
(optional - extra service)

We bring our plastic moving boxes at your door. Just let us know where and when.

We help you to move
(optional - extra servise)

Hate Moving? No worries. Our trained professionals can do all moving services - packing prices, moving prices.

We store it for you

Once it's ready we'll take your items back to our secure facility and give it a new home.


We provide a convenient, simple and cost-effective storage for rarely used items because:

  • We store items in specially designed rooms that are maintained by professional personnel;
  • If required, we can pack your items in special storage boxes or other containers;
  • Premises and your items are always easily and conveniently accessible;
  • You only pay for the space required for storing your items.
  • Premises are under 24 hour video surveillance


If you're using our services:

  • Packing
  • Moving/Delivery
  • Plastic Moving boxes rental
How to decide which size do you need?

If you're renting storage for the first time, it is a quite difficult challenge to decide which unit size will be best. After all, the correct decision will save you a bit of your budget, especially if you plan to store items for a bit longer term.

We have our storages and using our partner's units around Sydney, so could offer you more flexible and various storage solutions!

For a first insight, you can have a look at our price list with short descriptions. Just be advised, that not all items all equal and perfect shape, so you are welcome to get in touch with our professionals! Simply fill the quote form or call us!

If you are using our moving, packing or plastic box rental services, we are offering huge discounts for combi-packages!


width x length x height - 2m x 2m x 3m


This storage is suitable for small studio apartments, where you can store your fridge, washing machine, not bigger than queen size bed set, two seater couch and up 10 carton boxes. Usually, this storage size is for bedroom furniture or unwanted office equipment.

width x length x height - 1,5m x 3m x 3m


This storage size will easily accommodate a few bigger pieces of furniture such as a couch, fridge, washing machine, queen size bed, dozens of boxes and other personal or off-season items. This storage unit size is most suitable for a tiny 1 bedroom apartment or 2 people office.

width x length x height - 2m x 3m x 3m


This storage unit is the most popular when people are storing regular 1 bedroom apartment, because dimensions of this unit: 2m width and 3m length. This size will easily accommodate lounge room furniture, white goods, dining area, bedroom furniture and heaps of carton boxes with few other small items. If you have small to medium size office, it’s very good size to store documents or less usable office equipment with easy access.

width x length x height - 2,2m x 3,3m x 3m


This storage is often called half garage, because this size will fit contents of 2 bedroom apartment (No garage items). All furniture from kitchen, lounge room, 2 bed sets and heaps of smaller items will fit comfortably in this storage.

width x length x height - 2m x 4m x 3m


This Storage size is the most popular between people who want to store 2 to 3 bedroom apartment home. It can be 2 bedroom house with garage equipment and outdoor furniture or tiny 3 bedroom house. It’s always good to check with professionals to make the right decision and choose one big storage and keep everything in one place, instead of taking few smaller storages.

It’s very popular to use this storage as a small warehouse, because it has a lot of space and you can put massive shelving units.


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