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Planning to move into one of the Eastern suburbs in Sydney? As we mentioned in our moving house checklist  – researching new Area is one of the first steps in planning your move.

The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney includes the east to southeast areas of the CBD. It also boasts beautiful coastline that includes the famous Bondi Beach. The Eastern Suburbs are sought after by a diverse range of people. Many students, young professionals, business people, and established families choose the Eastern Suburbs to live in. The area is home to many from all walks of life.

Percentage of people age in Waverley Council (Dover heights, Bondi Beach, Bondi, Bondi Junction, Queens Park, Bronte)

It is a bustling area of Sydney that has much for everyone to do. It is easy to commute around and has easy access to other areas. Some of the areas of the Eastern suburbs include Alexandria, Bellevue Hill, Bondi, the famous Bondi Beach, Bronte, Centennial Park, East Gardens, Little Bay, Queens Park, Randwick and much more.

Costs of Living in the Eastern Suburbs

The Eastern Suburbs is in close proximity to Sydney’s CBD and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Because of this, the property is highly sought after. Apartments in the more popular suburbs can cost anything from $300 000 to over $1m for an ocean view. Houses go for $750 000 to multi-million dollars, especially for a beachfront house.

Aside from rent and property prices, living in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney can cost roughly $1 000 per person, per month. It is an ideal location for students and the middle to the upper working class to enjoy beautiful surroundings.

The Eastern Suburbs Best Areas to Live

Areas like Randwick and Coogee are highly sought after but none more so than Bondi. Bondi is a hub of activity that includes visiting the world-famous beach. The neighborhood surrounds Bondi Road which is a central place for everyone to enjoy retail, dining and drinking experiences.

Apart from the nightlife and bustling day activities, Bondi boasts the prized Waverley Park. Waverley Park is a great place to enjoy green spaces and lush outdoors. All areas of the Eastern suburbs are in close proximity to schools, employment hubs, and entertainment hubs.

Sought After Destination for Locals and Visitors


Bondi beach is rated one of the most visited tourist attractions in Australia. For this reason alone, the Eastern Suburbs are renowned for attracting many visitors from around the world. Apart from Bondi Beach, the area boast numerous quieter spots for beachgoers to enjoy. These include Clovelly Beach, Coogee Beach, Little Bay, Bronte Beach, and Malabar Beach.

For major shopping mall experiences, locals and visitors can enjoy Bondi Junction and Eastgardens. Each area does offer a unique boutique shopping experience too.

Centennial Park is a large park that offers various activities like the moonlight cinema, dining, bicycle hire, horse riding trails, and various walkways. Other parks in the Eastern Suburbs include Moore Park, Rushcutters Park, McKell Park, and Neilsen Park. Some of which are located on the harbor front.

Among the exciting things to do in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney is playing golf, learning to surf, enjoy nature trails on foot or on a bicycle and enjoy the numerous bars and restaurants that are situated throughout the area.

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