1) Introduction

a) 'We','us' or 'our' means Delivery Kings, ABN 84654796545, our postal address 6/60 – 66 St Albans St, Abbotsford NSW, Australia.
b) 'You' or 'your' means the customer.
c) This contract explains your rights and responsibilities, and ours.

 2) Pricing and extra charges

  • We start when we arrive at your door, not a moment earlier. We finish when you are satisfied that all your items are safe in your home and round up to the minimum 2 hours or to the next half hour above that.
  • We provide hourly rates excluding GST
  • There are no other hidden charges or extra costs for smooth moving (check section 3-b )
  • We can provide quotes to move only for listed items or interstate jobs.
  • Weekly and weekend rates are the same.

3) Work not included in our quotations

a) We will not do the following unless we agree to it in writing or it’s hourly rate:
•    Dismantle or assemble any furniture or fittings, except for normal beds that can easily be dismantled using normal tool,
• take down curtains or blinds;

Rubbish removal, cleaning, fixing something, unpacking or moving items within the house when it’s fixed quote for the job and it’s not hourly rate;
• Disconnect or reconnect appliances, fittings or equipment, such as stoves;
• Remove or lay fitted floor coverings, such as wall-to-wall carpets

  1. You agree to pay extra charges if:
  • We use toll roads during your job (You pay only for tolls)
  • Any stairway, lift or door is too small or narrow for easy delivery.
  • You cause any delay to the work
  • You ask us to do any extra work that was not included in our quote
  • We have to collect or deliver items above a third story floor ( No more than 6 flights of stairs, max 20 steps)
  • Items are very heavy and trolley or dolly is not suitable for moving ( More than 80Kg)
  • We have plus $50 fee for late jobs (after 8pm)

4) Route, mode of transport or packing

  1. a) We may choose any route for delivery.
    b) We may choose any type of packing and transport, unless we agreed to something specific in writing.
    c) We may use other space or capacity on our vehicles for other customers' items, unless our written quotation says that we will not do this.

5) Your responsibilities

• making sure that nothing is taken away or left behind by mistake,
• getting and paying for any document or permission needed for the move to be completed;

  • arranging for security or building manager for your items when they are collected and delivered, by being there yourself, or by arranging someone else to be there for you;
    • properly preparing (packing everything into the boxes, protecting fragile items) any appliance or equipment before it is removed;
    • arranging loading dock and paying for any parking we need to do the work;
  • locking away any valuables such as money, jewelry or handbags, and so on;
    • inspecting or arranging for someone to inspect any items delivered by someone else on your behalf, and
    • your house keys or other means of access
  • as a small business, we do provide our employees and customers with a safe and nonthreatening environment, it means free of rudeness, disrespectful language and behavior. We have full right to stop doing your job (You will be charged for our time we spent on your job) if you do not obey these rules.

6) Ownership of the goods (items)

a) You warrant (promise) that:
• you own everything that you have asked us to remove, or
• you have permission from the owner to remove any item that is not yours.

You indemnify (promise to protect) us against any damage, cost or claim if any warranty is not true.

7) Damage to premises and items

a) If we damage your house, premises or items, you must write this on our worksheet at the time we are still on site and provide photos or other evidences, that we made this damage.
b) We do not responsibile for damages if you inform us after we leave your premises and you already signed our worksheet
c) Our Insurance for damage to premises and items is limited to $20 000
d) We may arrange to repair any damage ourselves, and you must give us the

Chance to do this.

8) Our liability for loss or damage

a) If we lose, damage or do not deliver your items, our liability is limited to a maximum of      $20 000
(even if it is part of a pair or set). We may pay for the repair or replacement of an item.
b) We are not liable for loss or damage resulting from any:
• war (whether declared or not), invasion, sabotage, civil war, rebellion, military coup or similar situation beyond our reasonable control;
• fire, burglary or flood while items are in storage,
• moth, vermin or similar infestation;
• cleaning, repairing or restoring (unless we did the work);
• wear and tear, rust, leakage or evaporation;
• atmospheric or climatic change;
• discoloration, such as any change of color, fading, stain, and so on,
• worsening quality or condition of any food, plant or perishable item,
• difficult access to or from any room, building or other location, or

c) We are also not liable for loss or damage to any:

  • Ikea items;
    • item with an inherent defect (a problem that was already there);
    • mechanism in any clockwork, electronic or motor – driven item (unless there is any visible sign of impact damage on the outside of the item),
    • sensitive equipment, or any item that is not suitable for being transported;
    • furniture that is dismantled or re-assembled,
    • item packed by you;
    • item left inside a cupboard or other furniture;
    • item left in a deep freezer or fridge;
    • key left in furniture;
    • item delivered to or received from an auctioneer, auction room, communal (shared) storage area, or other similar business or area; or
    • item received by or from someone else.
    d) We only move frozen items at your own risk and are not liable for any death, injury, or sickness following the removal or storage of any food, drink or other perishable item.

9) Claims against us by third parties (people other than you and us)

a) You must pay any charge, expense, damages or penalty that any third party claims against us in connection with any of your items or the services we provide to you, unless we were
negligent or we agreed in writing to pay relevant amount.
b) Claims by third parties include, for example, parking charges that we may have to pay to do the work.

10) Our right to hold items as security for payment
a) We have a legal right to keep and eventually sell or dispose of any item until you have paid all charges and other payments you owe us under this contract, including any amount we have paid for you.
b) If we keep any item while we wait for payment, you are responsible for storage charges and other costs, and these conditions continue to apply.

11) Disputes

You may not delay payment or set off (deduct) any amount you owe us if you think you have any claim against us, or if there is any dispute between you and us.


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