8 Steps On How to Move Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Right now can feel like an incredibly stressful time if you’ve planned a house or office move. However, we’re here to assure you that this is not the case, and we would like to alleviate that stress for you. If moving, just stick to the below tips to ensure that your move is goes as smoothly as possible, and that you ensure your health is put first.

  1. Our staff are healthy
    If a member of our staff is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19 you can be assured they won’t be working. The health of our customers is paramount, and we are taking all precautions to ensure you are not ever in any danger.
  2. Keep your distance
    When moving you might want to direct us as to where you would like your belongings placed. In an effort to reduce contact and to keep social distancing, have a think as to where you would like your items placed prior to your move, and advise us either over the phone, or provide us with a list or drawing as to where things should be placed.

    Aside from this, please ensure you keep 1.5m distance away from our removalists. This might require you to be in a different room to them when moving.
  3. Wear a mask
    If you would like to take extra precautions (which we advise) please wear a mask, and if you are more comfortable with us wearing masks, please advise so on your booking call.
  4. We use hand sanitiser
    And you should too. As we are moving and constantly coming into contact with your possessions, we will ensure we sanitise our hands as often as possible.
  5. Feeling sick? Rebook your move
    If you, or someone you live with, is displaying any symptoms, we ask that you cancel your booking and reconsider changing the date of your move. We want to ensure all our customers are safe at this time, and have the right to refuse your move if we feel your health endangers us our our customers.
  6. We can cater to your requests
    If you don’t want us to pack your belongings for you, please do so yourself. That way, we will only be required to touch boxes.

    If you’re uncomfortable having us in your home, please leave any belongings outside of your space for us to collect, and request that we move everything in to a space like a garage to ensure your belongings have some time to breathe. Whatever your worry is, we can work around it to ensure you feel happy and safe.
  7. We prefer a contactless transaction
    To ensure a contactless experience, we ask that you pay via card or bank transfer. We also ask that you use your own pens, and if possible, provide us with a separate bathroom to use during the move (if need be).
  8. We promise a clean move
    Not only do we constantly sanitise our hands, we can also ensure your space is left clean and sanitised. Just discuss this with us during your booking call, or phone us to discuss at least one business day prior to your move.

Lastly, don’t worry. We will ensure the move goes efficiently, that there is limited contact, and that you can rest and relax in your new space as soon as everything is over.

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