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Securing Your Belongings: The Best Practices for Storage Security

By Delivery Kings | July 6, 2024

Discover the best practices for ensuring the security of your stored belongings. From choosing the right facility to using high-quality locks, Delivery Kings has you covered.

Seasonal Storage Solutions: How to Store Your Summer Gear Safely

By Delivery Kings | July 3, 2024

Storing your summer gear properly can extend its life and keep it in great condition. Discover the best seasonal storage solutions with Delivery Kings.

Top Reasons to Use Professional Packing Services for Your Move

By Delivery Kings | June 29, 2024

Thinking about hiring professional packing services for your move? Explore the top reasons why using experts like Delivery Kings can save you time, stress, and effort.

How to Pack Like a Pro: Tips for Safe and Efficient Moving

By Delivery Kings | June 26, 2024

Moving in Sydney? Learn how to pack like a professional with our top tips for safe and efficient packing to ensure your belongings arrive intact.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Storage Unit in Sydney

By Delivery Kings | June 22, 2024

Struggling to find the right storage unit in Sydney? Our ultimate guide covers everything from unit size to security features, ensuring you make the best choice.

Making the Most of Your Storage Space: Organisational Tips

By Delivery Kings | June 19, 2024

Struggling to organise your storage unit? Discover how to maximise space and keep your belongings accessible with Delivery Kings’ top organisational tips.

The Benefits of Short-Term vs. Long-Term Storage

By Delivery Kings | June 15, 2024

Confused about choosing between short-term and long-term storage? Explore the benefits of each option and find the perfect solution for your storage needs with Delivery Kings.

How to Store Fragile Items: Ensuring Safety and Longevity

By Delivery Kings | June 12, 2024

Safeguard your fragile items with our comprehensive guide. Learn the best practices for packing and storing delicate belongings with Delivery Kings.

Stress-Free Moving: How Delivery Kings Handles Your Move from Start to Finish

By Delivery Kings | June 8, 2024

Introduction Moving to a new home can be one of life’s most stressful events. From packing and organising to transporting your belongings, the entire process can feel overwhelming. Delivery Kings is here to change that. With our comprehensive moving services, we handle every aspect of your move, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Here’s how […]

How to Declutter Your Home Before a Move: Storage Tips and Tricks

By Delivery Kings | June 5, 2024

Planning a move? Decluttering is a crucial step. Discover practical tips and tricks to declutter your home before moving and make your relocation smoother.


So you decided to move locally?

Moving can be a stressful experience, especially in one of the busiest cities in Australia, like Sydney. With rising rental prices, it's common for individuals to move between 6 to 12 months. But at Delivery Kings, we understand the challenges and stress that come with moving, so we are dedicated to being your partner every step of the way.


Below we covered all the steps in your moving path to help reduce your headache...

Which part of Sydney you chosen?

Did you know, that in 2018 the best suburb in Sydney was Neutral bay? How about now? After a while, we started to feel like real estate experts. We know where are grumpy neighbors or where to find parking is mission impossible. We will try to cover all areas with new stories from our jobs.

Packing, packing... Everybody hate it. Right? Wrong - We love it!

Too many times we saw clients belongings in garbage bags. And it is nothing wrong with that, but when you put china, glasses and other fragile things in it, you can't expect safe move.

Packing tips, when you’re moving (coming soon..)